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Ram Booster Clean

Developer: Yanal Shishani

This application is an acceleration and optimizer tool for Android Phones and tablets (our tool is compatible with all versions of android system and the compatibility is being improved every update)Optimize your android device nowWe want to help you improve the performance of your android phone, do not waste time and test this accelerator now, we are committed to help you
► This application is a Ram Booster Clen (Free and full), is an application to optimize the android in their processes (works on mobile and tablet), optimization tool you need just one click to get the job done acceleration RAM Avoid having your cell locking with this accelerator whenever you need only open and click ("now accelerating") on the first screen and we will have to speed up your android phone if you want a cleaning tasks in the background you can access our second screen through the menu and click ("Clear tasks")SEE HOW EASY TO USE OUR CLEANER RAM!
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Application translated in English (US)
- Our application is 100% free of charge and is designed to be that way forever!- Full Application.
- Our applications not collect your personal information, and will not have security flaws.
This app has undergone safety.
=> RAM Cleaning & Optimize
=> Cleaner jobs=> Information of internal memory=> Info external memory
=> Log record (records the last cleaning performed)
Graphic data with device use
- Application totally clean and protected